Trusting Your Inner Guidance…

How do you know you are trusting your inner guidance? You feel wonderful, your energy is higher vibration, you are more intuitive and know what to do. You are trusting your self and believing that all is well. How do you trust your inner guidance? You seek the energy in the moment, you become fully present and feel the energy moving through you and around you. You ‘let go’ of the need to control everyone and everything around you, and return to the spiritual being that you really are and sense your higher self guiding you. Ask yourself empowering questions, such as What is my higher self inspiring me to do next? What doors are opening for me right now? How can I serve my higher purpose? What 3 inspired actions can I take today that will keep me flowing in the stream of wellbeing? Who is guiding me? How can I develop my trust and intuition? Some people receive messages through their inner knowing, they just know things without receiving proof! Some people can see things through their third eye and see visions of the past, present & future. Some people are hearing guidance like inner hearing and others may get a strong ‘gut’ feeling telling them that something is wrong or to move forward in a certain direction. However you are receiving the messages, learn to trust in them by taking inspired actions.

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