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The Prosperity Program – 5PS WebSeries – Each Module includes 12 Weeks of Inspirational WebEvents that will completely transform your life from the inside-out.


Your 5P’s to Prosperity Attraction Process ® is about coaching you into “vibrational harmony” to your hearts desires and creating your highest future. Using the skills and processes of the great ones, spiritual masters we have created a simple but effective system that puts you into alignment for attracting everything you want.

A Step by Step System that Works!

Benefits that you can Choose from the 5P’s to Prosperity Attraction Process®:-

  • Realizing your sense of purpose and creating your life’s work that inspires you.
  • Increasing your productivity in your business and being in the flow.
  • Attracting Perfect Customers who mirror your highest intentions.
  • Creating more money coming in than going out feeling your abundance.
  • Discovering Your Higher Purpose and Awakening Your Spiritual Abundance.
  • Experiencing loving relationships with people that uplift and support you.
  • Tapping into your boundless supply of energy for greater health and well-being.
  • Creating the perfect environment for your work and home that pleases you.
  • Becoming attractive to your soul mate experiencing more romance into your life.

How does The Prosperity Program actually work?

Kelly Sayers WebEvents offers a comprehensive long-distance “Virtual Classroom” known as The 5P’s to Prosperity Program ®, structured ideally as “Pre-recorded” Weekly WebEvents that are easily downloadable onto your computer, giving you the freedom to choose when, where & how often you listen to your WebEvents.

Guaranteed to provide you with the wisdom, transformation, visualisations, inspiration, intelligence for you to feel supported by the Abundant Universe into reaching your full potential. It is our intention to help Awaken Your Spiritual Abundance in every area of your life so that you can BE DO & HAVE everything your heart desires & live in accordance with your highest vision when making a difference to everyone around you.

Your Prosperity Program is divided into Seven modules

  • Module 1 – Spiritual Growth – Manifesting Your Hearts Desires
  • Module 2 – Discovering Your Life’s Purpose
  • Module 3 – Romance – Creating a Soul Mate Relationship
  • Module 4 – Wealth Mastery Success – Creating a Prosperity Mindset
  • Module 5 – Body Beautiful – Discovering Your Body’s Passion in Life
  • Module 6 – Accelerating Your Career Success – Attracting Your Perfect Clients
  • Modules 7 – Being a World Server – Becoming a Published Author

What is the 5P’s to Prosperity Attraction Process?

A Proven System that Works “When you are aligned with what you want, feeling good about who you really are, Law of Attraction brings it to you, this is the LAW of the Universe!” So how do you find alignment or Vibrational harmony with your Heart’s Desires? With the 5P’s to Prosperity Weekly WebEvents. You will be totally empowered and supported by your vision, giving you the Power to CHOOSE whatever you want to Be Do & Have Manifested!

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“You are not powerless about anything. When you have a vision and then find alignment with it, you ARE powerful. And then amazing things begin to happen around you…”