Power of letting go…

What if you believed that everything that surrounds you, including the relationships you are experiencing right now is a mirror of how you feel about yourself and your place in the world. The external conflict in the world that you are so focused on is a reflection of your inner world. When you choose PEACE within yourself and the outside world, the law of attraction puts you in alignment to the people, places, circumstances that reflect WHO you really are. Today is a perfect day to LET GO and allow everything to unfold naturally. STOP trying to force or control the outside world, and START believing that you have the power within yourself to FEEL GOOD and create massive change by becoming your higher self (lighthouse effect) when you reach upward and inward and accept emotional responsibility for yourself, you will have the power to radiate that energy outward. By letting go of the situation at hand, and surrendering all challenges to the universe, trusting that all is well, a divine solution will be given. Empower yourself by fulfilling your life’s purpose and that will automatically empower others around you.

“When we serve others, we are truly serving ourselves”.

Kelly Sayers

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