Kirkus Reviews

A self-improvement guide that uses a bit of heavenly coaching.

“Spiritual Life Coach” Sayers asserts early on in her confident, energetic debut a sentiment that will be familiar to readers of the self-help genre: In order to change the things you don’t like about your life, you must change your own personal reality. Sayers’ advice is four parts dedication and one part divination. She wants readers to identify their primary goals and the various obstacles they themselves create to thwart the achievement of those goals. She offers the reassurance that “there are many Archangels who can assist you in every area of your life.” The key to this combination is her framework of “5 Ps”: Position (objectively assessing where you are in your life right now), Purpose (objectively assessing the strength of your personal drive to change), Passion (reminding yourself not to settle for less than your goals), Precession (the actual process of making changes to reach those goals) and Prosperity (the end result, hopefully positive). Throughout all of this, Sayers combines the inward, spiritual aspects of prayer with the more worldly oriented aspects of modern Christian-megachurch–financial counseling (at one point, for instance, readers are urged to call upon the Archangel Raphael for help in placing themselves in the “financial flow).” Some of Sayers’ pronouncements are confusing (as when she tells readers “a belief is nothing more than a thought you keep thinking”), but the balance of the book is full of both common-sense guidelines for taking the measure of daily life and energetic exhortations to prayer.

Every section contains discussion questions and spaces for answers, and Sayers’ cheerleading always comes back to the fundamentals: “The greatest gift you can give yourself is following your inspiration.”
A guide and workbook for harnessing the power of faith to achieve personal goals.