What You Can Expect

Level 1 5Ps Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Program

Spiritual Life Coaching with the 5Ps to Prosperity is about creating a clear vision and purpose that will keep you inspired, awakening spiritual guidance to help you achieve ‘vibrational harmony’ with your thoughts, feelings and desires empowering you to become a deliberate creator, debriefing you to stay on track eliminating what you are now tolerating and taking inspired actions towards your highest intentions.

Module 1 – Discovering Your Life’s Purpose
Module 2 – Having the Power to Choose
Module 3 – Creating a Vision of Prosperity
Module 4 – Developing Trust and Intuition
Module 5 – Discovering More of Who You Are
Module 6 – Becoming Your Own Authority
Module 7 – Asking the Archangels
Module 8 – Creating Your Perfect Environment
Module 9 – Accelerating Your Career Success
Module 10 – Giving Yourself Permission to Be Do & Have
Module 11 – Raising Your Standards
Module 12 – Being Open to Receiving

Level 2 Accelerating Your Career Success – Attracting Your Perfect Customers

This Level 2 Coaching Course will bring you the clarity and wisdom to help you “know” more about the products and services you provide and the customers who bring you the most joy and success in your coaching business. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a professional global business that Attracts Your Perfect Customers, Opens New Doors, Supports Your Vision, Attracts even more Perfect Customers, and adds Value to your business? What differences would you see in the way you approach your business? When you are clear on your mission, the benefits you give others, and take inspired actions, YOU activate the universal law of attraction to bring you new ideas, people, signs, synchronicities, everything that is in alignment to WHO you are BEING! Like attracts like so the more passionate you are about your products and services and the VALUE you give others, the more you will attract your perfect customers.

“You don’t attract what you want, you attract WHO you are BEING!”

Part 1: Creating Your Vision of Success

Module 1 – What Business Are You Really In

Module 2 – What are Your Unique Talents, Strengths & Spiritual Gifts

Module 3 – Creating Your Mission & Vision Statements

Module 4 – Giving Yourself Permission to Be Do & Have

Part 2: Becoming Magnetic to Your Perfect Customers

Module 5 – Who are the Customers Who Inspire You

Module 6 – Branding the “Who” am I fulfilling your life’s purpose

Module 7 – Discovering Your ‘Niche’ and offering it to others

Module 8 – Developing Trust & Believing in Your Higher Self

Part 3: Accelerating Your Career Success

Module 9 – Increasing Your Value & Self Worth

Module 10 – 5Ps to Prosperity Mapping

Module 11 – Creating a Strategic Action plan for RESULTS

Module 12 – Surrounding Yourself with People who Support YOU

Level 3 Creating a Profitable Income for Coaches

In this workshop we can assist you in creating a profitable income by understanding the spiritual laws for prosperity. Increasing your productivity in your business and being in the floware the most important steps to creating a profitable income. You will discover how to awaken your prosperity mindset and create a 5Ps ACTION plan for manifesting prosperity effortlessly.

Module 1 – Understanding the Spiritual laws for Prosperity

Module 2 – Creating a Vision Map for Prosperity

Module 3 – Learn the 5Ps for Profits for Manifesting Money

Module 4 – 5Ps Marketing & the Law of Attraction

Module 5 Implementing systems that match your highest vibration

5Ps WebSeries – BetterLife Angels Virtual Education

Kelly Sayers WebEvents offers a comprehensive long-distance”Virtual Classroom” known as The 5P’s to Prosperity Program®, structured ideally as “Pre-recorded” Weekly WebEvents that are easily downloadable onto your computer, giving you the freedom to choose when, where & how often you listen to your WebEvents.

This 5Ps Web-Series is online coaching Discovering Your Life’s Purpose for 12 Weeks of transformation. Realizing your sense of purpose and creating your life’s work that inspires you will turn your life into a journey of unlimited possibilities, love, joy, fun, fulfilment, passion, purpose and prosperity. Believing in yourself means that you are trusting yourself and taking inspired actions “allowing” the universe to create the abundance that you truly deserve!


* Belong to a community of coaches

* Partner up with another certified coach – practice your coaching with a buddy!

* Becoming a certified a ecoming a certified 5PS Spiritual Life Coach makes you expert in your field

* Join the Self Discovery Network for Inspiration and Support

* You will Discover your niche for Attracting Perfect Customers Who Inspire You

* Your Coaching Busniess can become more successful

* You will gain the Knowledge and Confidence that you need to help more people!