Do You Have What it Takes?

An effective Coach listens well, understands how to work effectively with different personalities, utilizes the power of language, asks questions, and awakens their spiritual gifts to see, feel, hear, and trust their intuitive guidance and adheres to the 5Ps to Prosperity Attraction Process. Our Spiritual Life Coaching 5Ps Certification masterfully covers each of these topics in our training program, allowing you both to learn and to apply this knowledge in trainer-supervised coaching sessions during your live training experience. What is the qualification obtained at the end of the study period Spiritual Life Coaching 5Ps Certification by Kelly Sayers.


Discover Your Life’s Purpose

* What type of Coach are YOU?

* Discover Your Niche And Help others succeed as 5Ps Coach,
* Business Organization
* Fitness & Weight Management
* Relationships
* Cashflow Management
* Spiritual Healing & Membership
* Branding & Visual Communications
* Naturopath & Reiki
* Writing & Book Publishing

* And many more different types of coaches