Breathe, Relax and Review Your Actions for 2016…

Now is a perfect time to chill-out and take a life review of your actions from 2015 in order to carefully plan and set heart centred goals for 2016. Why would you continue doing the same thing over and over again if it isn’t working or giving you any financial results or a sense of ‘achievement’. The new year brings great rewards for those on purpose, fulfilling their dreams and taking inspired actions. Write down on a BIG piece of butchers paper big heading and on left side write “What is already working from 2015 and all the significant details i.e. website, relationships, systems, new products, database, publicity etc., and on right hand side write down What Inspired Actions You Must Take to Make it Your Biggest Year Ever”….see below.

“My Biggest Goals for 2016” 

What is working 2015                                      Inspired Actions for 2016

Website, relationships, products                      Ecommerce, streamline systems,  launches, systems, database, publicity…                         hire business coach, branding etc.,

Once you have created your very long lists, create a structure for your business like a coloured map and hang it on the wall with images of success and put it on your desktop for easy access and reference. Start to get organised with your filing systems, delegating, creating more streamline systems for financial flow and designing your business around your values and highest vision and mission. Learn to delegate with right people who are honest, reliable and accountable. If this seems to difficult hire a business coach to show you how to get organised and on purpose. Set up a routine ensure your inspired actions list has a place in your diary to ensure your big goals are being accomplished every day or week.

Every time you create momentum, finish a product or get organised, make a difference to someone’s life, celebrate the milestones of success along the way and ensure you get testimonials from your clients in the moment. Each inspired action will bring you more inspired actions and new doors will open. So take this opportunity right now to relax, breathe and plan your new inspired YEAR 2016!

– Kelly Sayers 2015

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Kelly Sayers is a certified Spiritual Life & Business Coach, Mentor, Advanced Angel Intuitive and author of several coaching programs and recently published her book “Discovering Your Life’s Purpose with the 5Ps to Prosperity” with Balboa Press, a Division of Hayhouse USA. She is also publishing her latest book & oracle cards “Divine Miracles” and “Meditations with the Angels Series CD’s”. For many years now, she has been offering universal tools & processes for deliberate creation as a foundation of her practice. She is the Founder and Director of BetterLife Bookstore (Self Discovery Network & Magazine) and now she is the host of Self Discovery TV (Interviews with Inspirational Authors). She resides in Perth, Western Australia with her husband Nigel and beautiful girl Chloe.

Through her business, Kelly has provided Spiritual Life & Business Coaching to many individuals in Private Sessions, Webevents, & Live Workshops. She has helped many people realise their full potential and make powerful changes to both their personal and professional life. Inspired to coach people worldwide, such as Professional Women in small business, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Inspirational Authors, Coaches, Teachers, Healers and People who desire to discover their life’s purpose and make their highest contribution to the world.

Kelly’s latest books and her coaching workshops can be found at may desire to become a published author or join one of our Self Discovery Networking events


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