Now is a perfect time to chill-out and take a life review of your actions from 2015 in order to carefully plan and set heart centred goals for 2016. Why would you continue doing the same thing over and over again if it isn’t working or giving you any financial results or a sense of ‘achievement’. The new year brings great rewards for those on purpose, fulfilling their dreams and taking inspired actions. Write down on a BIG piece of butchers paper big heading and on left side write “What is already working from 2015 and all the significant details i.e. website, relationships, systems, new products, database, publicity etc., and on right hand side write down What Inspired Actions You Must Take to Make it Your Biggest Year Ever”….see below.

“My Biggest Goals for 2016” 

What is working 2015                                      Inspired Actions for 2016

Website, relationships, products                      Ecommerce, streamline systems,  launches, systems, database, publicity…                         hire business coach, branding etc.,


What if you believed that everything that surrounds you, including the relationships you are experiencing right now is a mirror of how you feel about yourself and your place in the world. The external conflict in the world that you are so focused on is a reflection of your inner world. When you choose PEACE within yourself and the outside world, the law of attraction puts you in alignment to the people, places, circumstances that reflect WHO you really are. Today is a perfect day to LET GO and allow everything to unfold naturally. STOP trying to force or control the outside world, and START believing that you have the power within yourself to FEEL GOOD and create massive change by becoming your higher self (lighthouse effect) when you reach upward and inward and accept emotional responsibility for yourself, you will have the power to radiate that energy outward. By letting go of the situation at hand, and surrendering all challenges to the universe, trusting that all is well, a divine solution will be given. Empower yourself by fulfilling your life’s purpose and that will automatically empower others around you.

“When we serve others, we are truly serving ourselves”.


How do you know you are trusting your inner guidance? You feel wonderful, your energy is higher vibration, you are more intuitive and know what to do. You are trusting your self and believing that all is well. How do you trust your inner guidance? You seek the energy in the moment, you become fully present and feel the energy moving through you and around you. You ‘let go’ of the need to control everyone and everything around you, and return to the spiritual being that you really are and sense your higher self guiding you. Ask yourself empowering questions, such as What is my higher self inspiring me to do next? What doors are opening for me right now? How can I serve my higher purpose? What 3 inspired actions can I take today that will keep me flowing in the stream of wellbeing? Who is guiding me? How can I develop my trust and intuition? Some people receive messages through their inner knowing, they just know things without receiving proof! Some people can see things through their third eye and see visions of the past, present & future. Some people are hearing guidance like inner hearing and others […]


What a great opportunity to meet the inspiring authors and spiritual teachers of today. Meet Author Pip Easton who has published a variety of childrens books with her latest ‘Clip Clop goes to the Races.’ Listen to Pip share her passion for horses and her exciting vision and higher calling of the “Happiness Retreat” in Broome WA.


Michelle Castle, Author has been a Feng Shui consultant for more than ten years has studied and trained under Feng Shui Centre, Lillian Too and then continued studies with famous Masters – Master Joe Yap and Master Raymond Lo of Hong Kong, receiving certification in Four Pillars of Destiny, Form, Compass and Flying Star School Feng Shui.

Michelle believes Feng Shui is an essential element for your business card and your clients she will use practical and realistic solutions to make significant changes bringing both harmony and prosperity.


Acclaimed for her psychic talent, Gail Thackray lectures worldwide, doing live appearances as a healer and medium. After leading a normal life everything changed at the age of forty when she discovered she was a medium and able to talk to spirits on the other side.Gail’s passion is helping people open up spiritually to connect to their inner self and align with Source. This happens differently for each person depending on what makes them “tick” and what resonates with them on a spiritual level.


Heather Jean, Author, Spiritual Medium & Healer. Heather has published a book ‘Let’s Play Outside’ and a couple of CD’s dedicated to children and teaching them how to understand energies. Today Heather Jean discusses her “Voice” for sound healing to the body.


Julian Silburn is a Didjeridu teacher, healer and performer. Julian’s aim in teaching, healing and performing Didjeridu is to impart the spirit of what he was taught respectfully and to connect people with nature through the various rhythms, songs and nature calls. Julian has met several Noongar and Arnhemland Elders and has collaborated with them musically and culturally and has their approval and blessing to perform, heal and teach