Kelly Sayers

Kelly Sayers is a certified Spiritual Life & Business Coach, Mentor, Advanced Angel Intuitive and author of several coaching programs and recently published her book “Discovering Your Life’s Purpose with the 5Ps to Prosperity” with Balboa Press, a Division of Hayhouse USA. She is also publishing her latest book & oracle cards “Divine Miracles” and “Meditations with the Angels Series CD’s”. For many years now, she has been offering universal tools & processes for deliberate creation as a foundation of her practice. She is the Founder and Director of BetterLife Bookstore (Self Discovery Network & Magazine) and now she is the host of Self Discovery TV (Interviews with Inspirational Authors).

Through her business, Kelly has provided Spiritual Life & Business Coaching to many individuals in Private Sessions, Webevents, & Live Workshops. She has helped many people realise their full potential and make powerful changes to both their personal and professional life. Inspired to coach people worldwide, such as Professional Women in small business, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Inspirational Authors, Coaches, Teachers, Healers and People who desire to discover their life’s purpose and make their highest contribution to the world.

Kelly’s latest books and her collection of Meditations with the Angels CDs can be found at www.betterlifebookstore.com.au You can learn more about Kelly’s online coaching programs and events at www.kellysayers.com, www.selfdiscovery.tv

BetterLife Bookstore

BetterLife Bookstore is a Self Discovery Network. We aim to transform peoples lives through interactive Virtual Education, WebEvents, BetterLife TV, Online BookStore, Inspirational Workshops and Events. Our Inspiration for the bookstore stems from a desire to provide to anyone who is seeking personal and professional development, spiritual growth and self empowerment. We only promote and sell quality products that will FILL YOUR SOUL and UPLIFT YOUR SPIRIT AND TOTALLY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

Kelly Sayers is the Founder and Director of BetterLife Bookstore since 2005 and her mission has always been to “inspire, educate and support” people who are seeking to discover their life’s purpose and create the life they love. Her vision is to share with customers a variety of fantastic inspirational authors and speakers all over the globe how to Be Do and Have everything your heart desires. Our products include Books, Coaching Programs, BetterLife TV, WebEvents, CD’s, DVD’s, Journals, and Spiritual Guidance Oracle Cards.

Becoming a Spiritual Life Coach

The most successful people are those who know themselves and have identified their strengths, gifts and natural talents and are using them to create the life they love. Becoming a Spiritual Life Coach offers you the opportunity to grow both personally andprofessionally. Intuitively you will feel a “calling” to discover your life’s purpose and serve others. If you are a Professional or want to become a Professional, then it indicates that you are interested in learning and growing and therefore will become a good Spiritual Life Coach.The Spiritual Life Coaching Certification works with you to identify and develop your coaching skills under the supervision of a professional trainer and at the end of your Certification you will also have the opportunity to coach and be coached (voluntarily) for approx. 10 hours to enhance the coaching experience and help you get started.

Your Spiritual Life Coaching 5Ps Certification Training has been derived from the teachings of the Book ‘Discovering Your Life’s Purpose with the 5Ps to Prosperity’ written by Kelly Sayers and published by Balboa Press/Division of HayHouse USA.

Spiritual Life Coaching with the 5Ps to Prosperity is about creating a clear purpose & vision that will keep you inspired and balanced, invoking spiritual guidance helping you to achieve ‘vibrational harmony’ with your thoughts, feelings, and desires empowering you to become a deliberate creator, debriefing you to stay on track eliminating what you are now tolerating and taking inspired actions towards your highest intentions. Raising feelings of self worth by seeking your strengths and building on them, working together to hold the highest vision for you to follow intuitive guidance and allowing the Archangels to assist you in every area of your life.